Web forms

Web forms are the forms that customers can use to submit tickets. While building the form, you can use all the fields of the ticket, including the custom fields you might have created. This way, you can capture the exact information you need from your customers to resolve the issues.

Here are the steps to create web forms

  1. Go to Settings from the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Click on the Web forms card.

  3. Click on the Add new web form button.

  4. Submit the form.

How to add new questions to web forms

You have the option to include ticket fields as questions within your web forms. As these form submissions generate tickets, it's essential to note that the Subject, Customer email, and Description fields are mandatory. Beyond these three fields, you can incorporate any custom field you wish to associate with the tickets generated through these forms.

How to add custom ticket fields to web forms

When you want to capture some additional details for the tickets using Ticket fields, you can add these custom ticket fields to the web forms so that customers can provide the other details.

  1. Create a custom ticket field if it's not already created

  2. Go to the web form details

  3. Click on Add new question button

  4. Select the field that you want to add

  5. Click on Save changes


How to add the forms menu to Knowledge Base

neetoKB has support for web forms so that you can show the web form links in the menu easily. Follow this procedure to do so:

  1. Go to neetoKB.

  2. Go to Customize KB > Navigation.

  3. Add a new Header/Footer link.

  4. Choose Action for type.

  5. Select Submit a ticket form in the dropdown.