Tasks Lists

Agents can create custom tasks for the tickets, and these tasks can be later used to track the progress or set a custom workflow for tickets by the agents.

Example: A ticket with the subject Need Refund for order #1129 might need the following tasks:.

  1. Verify order status

  2. Request for return

  3. Verify received and returned item

  4. Initiate Refund

  5. Assign the ticket to the Payment Group

When there are multiple tickets that need the same tasks, the process can get cumbersome. Hence, the need for the Tasks List. The tasks list feature is created to deal with repetitive tasks easily.

You can create a tasks list in settings and import the tasks list on the ticket details to easily import all the tasks.
A task list can also be assigned automatically to tickets using automation rules.

To create a task list

  1. Go to Settings > Tasks List.

  2. Click on the Add Tasks list button.

  3. Fill in the details and save the changes.

To import the task list:

  1. Go to the ticket details.

  2. Under the Tasks section on the right side, click on the 3 dots icon.

  3. Click on the Import Tasks list

  4. Select the desired task list.

To assign a tasks list using automation rules:

  1. Select the Add Tasks list under Action.

  2. Select the desired task list in the next field.

  3. Save the changes.